No one denies that Apple’s iPhone 7 is one of the most advanced and most spectacular smartphones on the market. However, the new flagship of the company of the bitten apple has some features, functions, and there are some iPhone 7 defects which are mention below.

In this article we will mention the things that we liked least about the iPhone 7; we talk about its design, its final cost, its additional accessories, its new tactile gestures, its defects and the withdrawal of some of its functions.

There are following Main iPhone 7 defects:

1.Goodbye to the headphone cables.

Wireless headphones is one of the novelties that had been announced, but the decision had more to do with a whim than with a matter of cutting-edge technology. Something traditional in Apple is going against the grain or impose its own standards, and an example of this is when it removed the CD input on the Mac, or when the iPod was discontinued. The Airpods that will replace the Headphone Jack, will have a cost of US $ 159, more than 3,000 Mexican pesos … definitely something excessive for a wireless headphones.

iphone 7 defects


Yes, but only a few spatters. Although other phone companies have improved that aspect in their smartphones, Apple has stayed in the past, because their products to the most they can endure is an eventual fall to the toilet. Attention to the fine print of the iPhone 7 warranty: the company is not responsible for damages caused by liquids.

3.The inclusion of glass back.

The glass back is also including in the iPhone 7 Defects does give more premium feel but it does increase the chances of shattering the glass at back when fell down to the floor..

iphone 7 defects


There are still questions about the memory of this device, with the intense use given to it by the company, it remains a duty to users in terms of space. If 4K video is recorded, for 3 minutes, it would be occupying a space of 2.1 GB, which means that with 16 clips, the memory would be exhausted.

5.Battery, with an improvement too limited.

The shortest segment during Apple’s presentation was when they commented on the battery, about which they spoke with the speed of lightning. According to the directors of the company, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have “the most durable battery that has ever existed in an iPhone”. It is assumed that the iPhone 7 tolerates two hours more life time than its predecessor, and that the iPhone 7 Plus only one hour longer than the Plus 6S, but we think a subtle improvement to boast. More if we consider that, according to our specialists, many high-end Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 resist a longer time of use. Anyway, you have to take with a pinch of salt the estimates of the company, we will test the battery and tell you the results.

6.Improvements in the camera only for iPhone 7 Plus.

The best camera functions will remain for the Plus option. The dual main camera is exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus, which contains a new technology: it promises to take shots of excellent quality, even using the zoom to the maximum, thanks to one of its cameras is also a telephoto lens, also, will better capture the depth of field and the shots in low light, according to the company.

7.Availability of colors.

This, probably, is the least of the problems. And we would have loved that Apple risks more in terms of the colors available for their iPhone 7 models. Currently, there is only iPhone 7 in Silver and Space Gray colors. Would not it be great to have an iPhone 7 Blue Sapphire, Pink Gold or Red Passion?

iphone 7 defects

8.The iris scanner is conspicuous by its absence.

Another technology of last generation that the iPhone 7 does not have is the iris scanner, which popularized Samsung with the Galaxy Note 7, before it burned some batteries of that phone. This method of data protection that reads and recognizes the unique and unmistakable pattern of the iris of your eyes was already present in some less promoted phones, such as the Microsoft Lumia 950, or the Alcatel Idol 3. According to some rumors, Apple would
release this function until 2018, so we will have to wait. They are some years behind schedule for a company so at the forefront. And in the time of Apple Pay and with so much private information on our phones, making sure we do not hurt more.

9.Specially made for girls.

Due its immense size, it is very difficult to manage in men’s Jeans Pockets but girls can easily manage it by placing it in their bags.

10.Plus size phone.

Most revolutionary display with the resolution of 750 x 1334 with the pixel density of 326 pixels/inch but this display is not so impressive as compared to Samsung note 8. Samsung note 8 is cheaper with the resolution of 2960×1440 and pixel density is 570 pixels/inch, larger screen with the 6.3-inch display.

Here is the best video review of iPhone 7 Defects.

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