Google Assistant-enabled headphones.

Google Assistant-enabled headphones review and price $149

Google Pixel Buds are hearing aids that offer clear sound without annoying wires. Control your music with a single touch and access the Google Assistant instantly with these headphones that offer much more. Using Google Pixel Buds as an audio headset requires a Bluetooth-enabled add-on device. In addition, Google Assistant in Google Pixel Buds is only available on Android and requires an Android device enabled for the Wizard and data connection.


-High quality wireless headphones.
-Connect to your Google Pixel phone.
-To access a real-time translation.
-Get answers, control your music, send text messages and much faster with Google Assistant.
-Listen to your music, podcasts, favorite videos.
-The best in-ear and over-ear smart headphones.
-Listen to music and control actions with your voice.
-Top Google Assistant compatible earphones to use on the go.

Access real-time translations when you connect your Pixel Buds with your Google Pixel phone. It’s like having your own translator, wherever you go. You just have to press and hold the right intra-auricular hearing aid and tell the Google Assistant the language you need to translate. It works with 40 different languages ​​compatible with Google Translate.

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