Apple Watch 4 release date and Price

Apple Watch 4 release date and Price:

Design of the Apple Watch Series 4

apple watch 4 release date and price
In this article i will give you summary Apple Watch 4 release date and Price. During the last three generations, Apple has using the same design in its smartwatches, with small changes, such as the use of a new material, other colors or a red button in the model with LTE connectivity.
However, we believe that the company could adopt a completely new design in 2018. In spite of all this, next, we are going to see what could be the main novelties in the design of the Apple Watch Series 4.

Release date

Although at first there was some uncertainty regarding the release dates of the Apple Watch, now we know what is Apple’s favorite period to unveil the new generations of its smartwatch.

The Apple Watch Series 4 was unveiled on September 12, 2017, and arrived in stores about 10 days later. so we expect we’ll have to wait until at least September 2018 to see the launch of the Apple Watch 4. For this reason, in this article we are going to take a look at the possible new features and technologies that will be present in the Apple Watch Series 4. In addition, we will try to cover rumors, as well as predictions made by industry experts, such as the Ming analyst. Chi Kuo from KGI Securities.

Price of the Apple Watch Series 4

There’s no word on the Apple Watch Series 4’s price, but it’s likely to be around the same as the Apple Watch 3 currently is, meaning a starting price of around £329 / $329 / AU$459 for the smaller 38mm version.

Depending on the changes that Apple implements in Series 4, there are many possibilities that prices remain the same as the current ones, while previous generations would benefit from rebates.

Apple Watch Series 4 Software

When it comes to software, it is likely that the fourth generation of the Apple Watch will arrive directly with the watchOS 5 operating system. According to Apple’s usual release schedule, the new version of watchOS would be announced at WWDC 2018 (to be held at June), and would debut with Series 4 in the fall.

watchOS 5 will come with several new features and improvements in the interface, including more applications, more settings for notifications or more complications and watch faces. This version will surely also be available for the current generation, the Apple Watch Series 3, which at the moment runs watchOS 4.2.

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