Android P release date first impressions and news

Android P release date, first impressions and news

android p release date


Android P release date

In this article i will give you summary of Android p release date. Google brought out the first developer preview of Android P in early March 2018. On March 7, Google caught us by surprise when launching the first preview of Android P aimed at developers, a version that confirms some of the news that the next big update of Android brings us.

Android P first impressions

Android P changes some sections of the design, launches smarter notifications, and other improvements. How does Android P work? Are these improvements really useful? We have installed Android P in a Pixel 2 XL and we bring you our first impressions.


The future of Android is colorful. Years ago, each new version of Android was a before and after, not only in terms of functions, but also design. They are currently glued to the bottom and top of the home screen respectively in the stock version of Android Oreo.We still have the same round icons, same widgets and in general the same structure, although if we look a little more carefully, we begin to see the first changes.

Android P Developer Preview, conclusions

At this point, it should be noted that Android P is at a very early stage and could mutate a lot until its final release in a few months. In this sense, what may now seem strange or poorly implemented ends up changing or even disappearing in the coming months.

That said, Android P does bring some quite remarkable changes, at least compared to previous versions. The new design of the quick adjustments, the volume control or the icons of the settings menu are some clear examples. They do not finish convincing me completely, but the facelift is welcome and I am sure that they are polishing details with the successive previews.

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