PS Vita is the best portable PlayStation

PS Vita is the best portable PlayStation full review

The PS Vita is was released in December 2011 in Japan, arriving in this continent in February of the following year. These and many other similar phrases are nothing more than highly uninformed and biased prejudices about an incredible portable platform that, is why I have decided to revisit this console almost seven years after its arrival on the market.

ps vita

It has a LCD screen at 720 resolution, a battery of shorter duration, and although it has a Bluetooth connection, it can not even be used to connect a wireless headset, which in PS Vita is possible. It is true that today PS Vita is not the star hardware of PlayStation.

Pros & Cons
Incredible gaming
Solid construction
There’s a learning curve
No internal storage
That browser!
Brilliant screen
Dual analogue sticks

This console was the direct successor of the PlayStation Portable,  selling 80 million units.
During these years, different PS Vita versions have arrived on the market, with variations in design, materials, colors and even on the screen. Although unfortunately not all units have an OLED screen. The original version is still on sale, even at prices more accessible than those of a Nintendo 3DS. its direct competitor in the portable category.

Full review of PS Vita


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